Engineering Sciences/NOLTA-Information Security(Date:2014/03/03)



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[Paper #]
Decoding error of Sudoku for erasure channel

Ryo HIDAI,  Mikihiko NISHIARA,  

[Paper #]IT2013-54,ISEC2013-83,WBS2013-43
Maximum Redundancy of Lossless Data Compression via Substring Enumeration with a Finite Alphabet

Ken-ichi IWATA,  Mitsuharu ARIMURA,  

[Paper #]IT2013-55,ISEC2013-84,WBS2013-44

Yusuke TAKAHASHI,  Hiroshi KAMABE,  

[Paper #]IT2013-56,ISEC2013-85,WBS2013-45
Single-Letter Characterization of Epsilon-Capacity for Mixed Memoryless Channels

Hideki YAGI,  Ryo NOMURA,  

[Paper #]IT2013-57,ISEC2013-86,WBS2013-46
An XML Based Document Management Framework to Prevent Data Leakage

Kamran Morovati,  Sanjay Kadam,  

[Paper #]IT2013-58,ISEC2013-87,WBS2013-47
A Study on Correlation Electromagnetic Analysis against KCipher-2 Implemented on a Microcontroller for ZigBee Device

Hajime UNO,  Sho ENDO,  Naofumi HOMMA,  Takafumi AOKI,  Yuto NAKANO,  Shinsaku KIYOMOTO,  Yutaka MIYAKE,  

[Paper #]IT2013-59,ISEC2013-88,WBS2013-48
On the Diffusion Property of Type 1 Generalized Feistel Cipher with Multi-input Multi-output Non-linear Functions

Keisuke ITOU,  Shingo YANAGIHARA,  Tetsu IWATA,  

[Paper #]IT2013-60,ISEC2013-89,WBS2013-49
Impact of IQ Imbalance on Channel Shortening in OFDM System

Xi ZHANG,  Teruyuki MIYAJIMA,  

[Paper #]IT2013-61,ISEC2013-90,WBS2013-50
Spectrum Sensing of OFDM Pilot Signal with Carrier-frequency-offset Correction and Symbol Synchronization by Maximal Ratio Combining

Toshihiro YOSHITAKE,  Yohtaro UMEDA,  Yusuke KOZAWA,  

[Paper #]IT2013-62,ISEC2013-91,WBS2013-51
Peak Power Reduction of OFDM Signals Based on Trellis Shaping Using Clipping and Filtering Combined with Selected Mapping

Masaki MATSUOKA,  Ryota YOSHIZAWA,  Hideki OCHIAI,  

[Paper #]IT2013-63,ISEC2013-92,WBS2013-52
An Optimization of Interleaver for Convolutionally Coded BICM-OFDM over Frequency-Selective Block Fading Channels

Yuta HORI,  Hideki OCHIAI,  

[Paper #]IT2013-64,ISEC2013-93,WBS2013-53
Study on a High Precision Simultation Method for LDPC Codes

Akiyoshi HASHIMOTO,  Atsushi ISHIKAWA,  

[Paper #]IT2013-65,ISEC2013-94,WBS2013-54
A Max-Log-MAP Decoding Using a Recursive Vector Generator for Binary Linear Codes

Takuya KUSAKA,  

[Paper #]IT2013-66,ISEC2013-95,WBS2013-55
Symdrome Decoding of Symbol-Pair Codes

Makoto TAKITA,  Masanori HIROTOMO,  Masakatu MORII,  

[Paper #]IT2013-67,ISEC2013-96,WBS2013-56
A new class of system oriented PKC, K(I)SOPKC appending a general scheme, K(X)Scheme, for constructing system-oriented PKC's


[Paper #]IT2013-68,ISEC2013-97,WBS2013-57
Computer Simulation of Leakage Resilient IBE and IPE

Kazuki SUZURIMI,  Le Trieu Phong,  Kaoru KUROSAWA,  

[Paper #]IT2013-69,ISEC2013-98,WBS2013-58
Study on Visible Light CDMA Systems Using MUI Cancellers with Inverted MPSCs

Tomoko K. MATSUSHIMA,  Shiho SASAKI,  Masaki KAKUYAMA,  Shoichiro YAMASAKI,  Yuya MURATA,  Yasuaki TERAMACHI,  

[Paper #]IT2013-70,ISEC2013-99,WBS2013-59
Complex Amplitude Estimation Accuracy Evaluation of APES Method Using Near-Field Source Localization with Emitted Signal of Authenticated Transceiver

Yoshiaki Kudo,  Yohtaro UMEDA,  Yusuke KOZAWA,  

[Paper #]IT2013-71,ISEC2013-100,WBS2013-60
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