Communication-Communication Quality(Date:2015/01/15)



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[Paper #]
Common Service Platform for Electric Vehicles

Jing WEI,  Jinglin LI,  Zhihan LIU,  Celimuge WU,  Satoshi OHZAHATA,  Toshihiko KATO,  

[Paper #]CQ2014-86
Joint Resource Allocation and SVC Layer Selection for Video Streaming of VANETs

Ruijian AN,  Zhi LIU,  Yusheng JI,  

[Paper #]CQ2014-87
Cloud on the road : an autonomic computing framework in vehicular environment

Jingyun FENG,  Celimuge WU,  Yusheng JI,  

[Paper #]CQ2014-88
Consideration on iOS TCP Performance Problem at Busty Packet Losses

Weikai Wang,  Celimuge WU,  Satoshi OHZAHATA,  Toshihiko KATO,  

[Paper #]CQ2014-89
Analysis Model of Probabilistic Caching Scheme for Content-Centric Networking

Saran TARNOI,  Vorapong SUPPAKITPAISARN,  Yusheng JI,  

[Paper #]CQ2014-90
Time-Dependent Pricing for Mitigating Fluctuation of Data Traffic Demand

Bo GU,  Cheng ZHANG,  Kyoko YAMORI,  Song LIU,  Yoshiaki TANAKA,  

[Paper #]CQ2014-91
Performance Evaluation of Qos Supporting Ad Hoc Scheme Combining TDMA and 802.11 DCF

Jing Lin,  Celimuge WU,  Satoshi OHZAHATA,  Toshihiko KATO,  

[Paper #]CQ2014-92
Energy Efficient Multiuser Beamforming based on the User Mobility

ELLINA Binti Ishak Nur,  Eiji KAMIOKA,  

[Paper #]CQ2014-93
Influence of Network Delay on Fairness between Players in Networked Game with Olfactory and Haptic Senses

Seiya NAKANO,  Yoshihiro MAEDA,  Yutaka ISHIBASHI,  Norishige FUKUSHIMA,  Pingguo HUANG,  Kostas E. PSANNIS,  

[Paper #]CQ2014-94
Influence of Viscosity Variation on Human Perception of Viscosity in Virtual Environment

Shota SUZUKI,  Hitoshi OHNISHI,  Yutaka ISHIBASHI,  

[Paper #]CQ2014-95
Influence of Network Delay on Work Efficiency in Remote Robot Control with Force Feedback

Yoshihiro MAEDA,  Kazuya SUZUKI,  Yutaka ISHIBASHI,  Norishige FUKUSHIMA,  

[Paper #]CQ2014-96
QoE Assessment Methods for Communication Services(Tutorial Lecture)

Masataka MASUDA,  

[Paper #]CQ2014-97
Performance Evaluation of Communication Networks(Tutorial Lecture)

Hiroyuki OHSAKI,  

[Paper #]CQ2014-98
Technical Trend of LTE/LTE-Advanced and Activities towards 5G

Kazunori OBATA,  

[Paper #]CQ2014-99
Vehicles Networking : ITS:Current and Future

Sadao Obana,  

[Paper #]CQ2014-100
A Routing Protocol for Drive-thru Internet Access in Delay Tolerant Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks

Yoshimasa OHYA,  Celimuge WU,  Satoshi OHZAHATA,  Toshihiko KATO,  

[Paper #]CQ2014-101
A Study of STBC/MIMO WLAN Transmission in High-speed Vehicle Environment

Takahiro NAGASAKI,  Shuji KUBOTA,  

[Paper #]CQ2014-102
A Study of Anti-interference ITS Transmission Scheme for Inter-vehicle Communication over Interference Environments

Satoshi KOBAYASHI,  Shuji KUBOTA,  

[Paper #]CQ2014-103
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