ISSN 2187-0136


Vol. 10 No. 5 (2021)

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206-211 :
Link availability of satellite-based FSO communications in the presence of clouds and turbulence
Thang V. Nguyen, Hoang D. Le, Thanh V. Pham, Anh T. Pham
212-218 :
Prediction-aided precoding for multiuser massive MIMO null-space expansion
Kabuto Arai, Kazuki Maruta, Chang-Jun Ahn
219-224 :
Envelope detection of a spinning linear radiation pattern based on diode detector algorithm for amplitude modulation
Takuichi Hirano, Atsuki Yada
225-230 :
Fairness improvement by combination of ABR and TCP algorithms in ABR video streaming
Tomotaka Matsumoto, Miki Yamamoto
231-236 :
A simple model of outdoor to indoor penetration path-loss considering incident angles at 0.9, 2.3 and 5.1GHz
Yuta Mizuno, Kentaro Nishimori, Ryotaro Taniguchi, Yuki Igarashi
237-242 :
Blind frequency-dependent in-phase/quadrature imbalance compensation with constant norm algorithm and cascaded structure
Naoto Sasaoka, Hiroki Inata, Tadao Nakagawa, Ryoto Hamabe, Yoshio Itoh
243-247 :
The four qubits deletion code is the first quantum insertion code
Manabu Hagiwara
248-253 :
Hierarchical round-robin mapper emulator for evaluating massively parallel Ethernet physical layer developing
Kyosuke Sugiura, Masaki Murakami, Yoshihiko Uematsu, Satoru Okamoto, Naoaki Yamanaka
254-259 :
Design of multilayered space filters using conductive film grid sheet and dielectric materials
Ryudai Ebara, Shinichiro Yamamoto, Satoru Aikawa, Shigeki Matsuoka, Masaki Nagao
260-265 :
Rain attenuation prediction based on theoretical method with realistic drop shape for millimeter-wave radio in tropical region
Yong Hong Tan, Kentaro Saito, Jun-ichi Takada, Md Rafiqul Islam, Abdul Rahman Tharek
266-270 :
A study of antenna beam direction estimation for dynamic spectrum sharing
Yoshio Kunisawa, Hiromi Matsuno, Takahiro Hayashi, Yoshiaki Amano
271-276 :
Decision method of holding a mobile terminal and abnormal behavior by machine learning for ERESS
Tomotaka Wada, Shingo Nakajima, Kazuhiro Ohtsuki
277-282 :
A novel adaptive range-bin selection method for remote heart-rate measurement of an indoor moving person using mm-wave FMCW radar
Yaokun Hu, Takeshi Toda
283-288 :
Accelerating ray tracing simulation using tensor completion for 3D radio map
Makoto Osawa, Norisato Suga, Toshihiro Furukawa
289-294 :
A reinforcement learning based collision avoidance mechanism to superposed LoRa signals in distributed massive IoT systems
Takuma Onishi, Aohan Li, Song-Ju Kim, Mikio Hasegawa