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Advance Publications

Comparison of SNR and channel capacity with micro and milli-meter wave bands based on outdoor propagation measurement
Ryotaro Taniguchi, Kentaro Nishimori

Application of Characteristic Modes to Design the Platform-mounted Inverted-F Antenna
Takaaki Beni, Kohei Kawabata, Tran Thi Lan, Hiroyuki Arai

The First Quantum Error-Correcting Code for Single Deletion Errors
Ayumu Nakayama, Manabu Hagiwara

Mobile-assisted Ad Hoc Networking Architecture Based on Location Information
Shota Ono, Taku Yamazaki, Takumi Miyoshi, Kaoru Sezaki

Dual-band Asymmetric Planar Dipole Antenna Backed by Conducting Reflector for WLAN Applications
Suguru Kojima, Takuji Arima, Toru Uno

Topology control adopting optimal topology over update interval in mobile ad hoc networks
Kouichi Genda

Theoretical Analysis of Interference between Directional Beams in Drone-based 3D Mesh Network
Nobuyuki Shiraki, Takefumi Hiraguri, Isamu Shitara, Naoki Honma

User-centric location-oriented content dissemination using P2P and D2D communications
Taku Yamazaki, Tomomi Katsu, Takumi Miyoshi

Imbalance State Resolving Considering Flow Types
Takuna Kaiwa, Nattapong Kitsuwan

Evaluation of a TEM horn antenna for radiated immunity tests in close proximity
Katsushige Harima, Takayuki Kubo, Takeshi Ishida

Color-based Registration of Point Cloud Data by Video Camera for Electromagnetic Simulation
Zhihang Chen, Kentaro Saito, Wataru Okamura, Yukiko Kishiki, Jun-ichi Takada

Feasibility Verification of Direct Spectrum Division Transmission over Multiple Satellite Transponder
Fumihiro Yamashita, Daisuke Goto, Yasuyoshi Kojima, Hiroki Shibayama, Hiroyuki Kobashi, Daiki Haraguchi

Joint Computation and Bandwidth Resources Allocation for Generalized Computing Model in Mobile Edge Computing
Qiaobin Kuang, Jie Gong, Xiang Chen, Xiao Ma

Packet Error Rate Performance of Multi-Stage Cooperative Relaying: Outdoor Measurement

Radio Wave Propagation Simulation Considering Doppler Shift Caused by Other Vehicles
Naozumi Ando, Kazuma Tomimoto, Ryo Yamaguchi, Mitoshi Fujimoto

Novel Frequency Domain Equalization with Threshold for Molecular Communication
Ahsan Sohail, Yukitoshi Sanada

Vol. 9 No. 1 (2020) Current Issue

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1-6 :
Weight updating technique in spectrum sensing based on CAF shared diversity combining
Shusuke Narieda, Daiki Cho, Kenta Umebayashi, Hiroshi Naruse
7-12 :
Traffic feature-based botnet detection scheme emphasizing the importance of long patterns
Yichen An, Shuichiro Haruta, Sanghun Choi, Iwao Sasase
13-18 :
Operational range increasement for STPA-BAA spectrum superposing using subcarrier modulation adaptation
Katsuya Senoo, Kazuki Maruta, Takatoshi Sugiyama, Chang-Jun Ahn
19-24 :
Screening of mild cognitive impairment in elderly via Doppler radar gait measurement
Kenshi Saho, Kazuki Uemura, Michito Matsumoto


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