Submission guideline for IEICE-CS GLOBAL NEWSLETTER

Please see submission guideline before your article submission.

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IEICE Communications Society - GLOBAL NEWSLETTER Submission Guideline

First version in only Japanese: May 30, 2008
Second version in only Japanese: Feb. 13, 2009
Third version in only Japanese: Jul. 22, 2010
Forth version in English and Japanese: Mar. 8, 2011
Ver 5.0 : August 10 2013



The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers Communications Society (IEICE-CS) GLOBAL NEWSLETTER has been established since 2002. We quarterly publish an English newsletter every March, June, September, and December.

1.1. Goal

Our goal is to share information between overseas/foreign members and other members in IEICE-CS as a global activity, and to show IEICE presence internationally.

1.2 Category of Articles
Messages from President/Vice President

- An inaugural message from CS President is published once per year in June. Message from CS Vice President is published properly.

IEICE-CS Activities Now

- IEICE General/Society Conference information/reports


- Activities of Technical Committees


- International activities of the society


IEICE-CS Related Conferences Reports


- Information/reports on IEICE-CS related conferences

  - IEICE-CS Conferences Calendar (*)

- Essays, Laboratory activity reports, Technology reports, Messages from overseas/foreign members, etc.


- Information from Sister Societies


- Special topics (*)


IEICE-CS Information


- Call for papers

  - From editor's desk (*)

*: planned / written by IEICE-CS Directors, Planning and Members Activities

2. Major notes for Contribution

Basically, IEICE-CS members and readers can contribute articles. IEICE-CS Directors, Planning and Members Activities may ask non-IEICE-CS members to contribute articles. The articles should be fruitful and profitable for IEICE-CS members, NOT for particular organization. IEICE-CS Directors, Planning and Members Activities may not accept an article for publication if it does not follow this guideline.


Template and Language


Please use this template. Please use English for all articles.

2.2 Number of pages

Two to four pages are preferable. One page article is also acceptable. The maximum number of pages is eight. When you try to entry a contribution with five to eight pages, you need to negotiate with IEICE-CS Directors, Planning and Members Activities.




The copyrights of all articles in the GLOBAL NEWSLETTER should belong to the IEICE. However, the original authors retain the right to copy, translate or modify their own manuscripts. In cases when a manuscript is translated into another language or when any portion of the manuscript is to be submitted to another publication, authors should register the action with the IEICE, and the original manuscript should be clearly cited in the publications. Please see a web site related to IEICE provisions on copyright.

4. Publication fee / Manuscript fee

No publication fee and no manuscript fee for all articles.

5. Schedule
  Standard editing schedule is as follows. Please note that the schedule may vary due to public holidays or other circumstances. The exact deadlines are indicated in call for newsletters.
Publication date
1st , Mar.
1st, Jun.
1st, Sept.
1st, Dec.
Call for newsletter 1st Mon., Dec. 1st Mon., Mar. 1st Mon., Jun. 1st Mon., Sept.
Contribution entry 4th Fri., Dec. 4th Fri., Mar. 4th Fri., Jun. 4th Fri., Sept.
Submission of  Manuscript/Copyright 3rd Fri., Jan. 3rd Fri., Apr. 3rd Fri., Jul. 3rd Fri., Oct.

Call for Newsletters


IEICE-CS Directors, Planning and Members Activities will give you the information on call for newsletters.


Contribution Entry


You should send information on title, summary(around 50 words or less) and number of page to IEICE-CS Directors, Planning and Members Activities by e-mail.
E-mail: cs-gnl[at]

5.3 Submission of Manuscript

You should send a manuscript both in word file and pdf file to IEICE-CS Directors, Planning and Members Activities by e-mail.
E-mail: cs-gnl[at]


COPYRIGHT TRANSFER FORM can be downloaded at the top of this page.


Signed COPYRIGHT TRANSFER FORM should be sent by one of the following ways:
- By email.
- By facsimile.


Address to send:
- In case of email: cs-gnl[at]
- In case of facsimile:
 Name: Publications Department, IEICE
 Facsimile: +81-3-3433-6616, Phone: +81-3-3433-6692

6 Contact Point

IEICE-CS Directors, Planning and Members Activities in charge of IEICE-CS GLOBAL
NEWSLETTER, cs-gnl[at]