International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation ISAP 2008

number title/author
3D08-1Circuit Model Analysis for Traces Crossing Slotted Ground Plane
Jongkyung Lee, Kibum Jung, Yeonchoon Chung, Jaehoon Choi,
3D08-2Foot Currents Induced in Human Bodies Exposed to a Cellular Phone Base Station
Hsing-Yi Chen, Chen-Yi Chuang,
3D08-3An experimental investigation on typical low frequency amplifiers nonlinear response to microwave/quasi-millimeter wave interference
Hiroki Seo, Shunichi Futatsumori, Takashi Hikage, Toshio Nojima,
3D08-4Design Concept of the EMI Noises Surveying System for Transceivers Performance-Based Test
Hsuang-Chung Ko, Deng-Yao Chang, Cheng-Nan Hu,
3D08-5Challenges on Multi-band Antennas for the Public Safety Radios
Ooi Soo Liam, Koh Boon Ping, Por Chee Seong,