The 2020 International Conference on Emerging Technologies for Communications

number title/author
P2-1Hadoop I/O Performance Improvement with ext4 on HDD in fully distributed mode
Makoto Nakagami, Jose A.B. Fortes, Saneyasu Yamaguchi,
P2-2Resource Adjustment Based on Deep Reinforcement Learning for Network Slices with Priority Classes
P2-3Evaluation on the Recognition Accuracy of an Inaudible Sound Communication System in Real Environments
Kosei OZEKI, Naofumi AOKI, Saki ANAZAWA, Yoshinori DOBASHI, Kenichi IKEDA, Hiroshi YASUDA,
P2-4A Synchronization Technique Using De Bruijn Sequences for Inaudible Sound Communication Systems
Naofumi AOKI, Kenichi IKEDA, Hiroshi YASUDA,
P2-5Simultaneous Approach of User Movement Recommendation and Content Placement Control for Rapid Content Delivery
Yudai Mori, Takuji Tachibana,
P2-6Fairness-Aware lightpath Establishment with Degraded Spectrum Provisioning in Elastic Optical Networks
Badr Mochizuki, Takuji Tachibana,