The 23rd Asia-Pacific Network Operations and Management Symposium

number title/author
PS1-01End-to-end Method to Evaluate One-to-all Reliabilities of Telecommunications Networks
Masahiro Hayashi,
PS1-02Mitigating New-Flow Attack with SDNSnapshot in P4-Based SDN
Yun-Zhan Cai, Ting-Yu Lin, Yu-Ting Wang, Ya-Pei Tuan, Meng-Hsun Tsai,
PS1-03Simultaneous Update Model of Multiple Service Function Chains Guaranteeing State Consistency
Tomoki Takahashi, Takehiro Sato, Eiji Oki,
PS1-04Managing Edge AI Cameras for Traffic Monitoring
Guan-Wen Chen, Yi-Hsiu Lin, Min-Te Sun, Tsì-Uí İk,
PS1-05Methods for Providing Resilience from Electric Power Side to Communications Network Side
PS1-06FACTORY: A Fully Automated Evaluation Platform for ICT System Components
Kazuki Tanabe, Takayuki Kuroda, Kozo Satoda,
PS1-07Time Based Concave Cache Pricing for Information-Centric Networks
Cheng Zhang,
PS1-08Meta-NWDAF: A Meta-Learning Based Network Data Analytic Function for Internet Traffic Prediction
Kuan-Hsiang Chen, Huai-Sheng Huang,
PS1-09Implementation and Node Load Evaluation of Cloud-based Load Distribution Model in ICSN
Eishin Nagaoka, Ryohei Banno, Osamu Mizuno,
PS1-10Evaluation of the application of Seq2Seq towards the automatic derivation of a set of APIs that satisfy requirements from only ambiguous requirements
Shingo Omata, Satoshi Kondoh,
PS1-11VNE-HAGBE: A Hybrid Approach to Improve VNR Request Acceptance Rate for Wireless Virtual Network Embedding
Raihaanjun Kushiyama, Ryo Yamamoto, Satoshi Ohzahata,
PS1-12Milimeter Wave Short Distance Communication for Scientific Research Equipment
Kiwook Kim, Jaiseung Kwak, Woojin Seok,
PS1-13Network Intrusion Detection System Using 2D Anomaly Detection
Min Seok Kim , Jong Hoon Shin , Choong Seon Hong,
PS1-14SFC Path Selection based on Combination of Topo-logical Analysis and Demand Prediction
Takahiro Hirayama, Masahiro Jibiki,