The 21st Asia-Pacific Conference on Communications

number title/author
16-PM1-A-1A Mobility Prediction (MP)-based Phenomenon Monitoring in an Unbounded Area
Duc Van Le, Hoon Oh, Seokhoon Yoon,
16-PM1-A-2Routing with Dynamic Cluster Awareness in DTNs
Chih-Lin Hu, Hung-Tsung Huang,
16-PM1-A-3Path Metrics for Lower Throughput Fluctuation for Video Streaming Service in Wireless Mesh Networks
Hiromu Asahina, Hisao Yamamoto, Kentaroh Toyoda, Iwao Sasase,
16-PM1-A-4An Adaptive Node Density Estimation in VANETs Using Received Signal Power
Golnar Ķhomami, Prakash Veeraraghavan, Fernando Pérez Fontán,