Human Communication Group-Human Communication Science(Date:2010/03/01)



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Speech analysis of affective states in Japanese spontaneous dialogues

yahan Gao,  Yuko Ohno,  Yoshihiko Hayashi,  

[Paper #]HCS2009-64
To tell directionality (the top and bottom, the right and left, and the back and forth) to the person of the unilateral spatial neglect

Masahiro TAMACHI,  

[Paper #]HCS2009-65
A Subject of the Communication Study in the Museum

Tadahito EMIZU,  

[Paper #]HCS2009-66
Application of Communication Research to University Evaluation

Susumu SHIBUI,  Masaaki IDA,  

[Paper #]HCS2009-67
What is "communication RYOKU" for university students?

Kazumi OGAWA,  

[Paper #]HCS2009-68
Next-generation communications media, considering the evolution

Yoshinobu Yamamoto,  

[Paper #]HCS2009-69
Towards development of practical life-support robots

Yutaka HIROI,  Akinori ITO,  

[Paper #]HCS2009-70
Duality of Entrainment in the Co-creation of "Ba"

Shiroh ITAI,  Yoshiyuki MIWA,  

[Paper #]HCS2009-71
Will onomatopoeia and phonetic symbolism contribute to communication?

Sachiko HIRATA,  Shinichi KITA,  

[Paper #]HCS2009-72
The influence of peripheral information on recognition of facial expression


[Paper #]HCS2009-73
What on Earth is the Unity? : A Discussion on Shared Mental Condition Involving Affective Uplift


[Paper #]HCS2009-74
Sympathetic Body Awareness : Co-creating Body

Hiroko NISHI,  Yoshiyuki MIWA,  

[Paper #]HCS2009-75
Toward a Design of Interface for Sympathetic Body Awareness

Takabumi WATANABE,  Yoshiyuki MIWA,  

[Paper #]HCS2009-76
Interpersonal Communication studies for Well-being

Ikuo DAIBO,  

[Paper #]HCS2009-77
Quality Improvement of Eye-contacted Facial Motion Image for Network Communication Environment

Takuma FUNAHASHI,  Takayuki FUJIWARA,  Hiroyasu KOSHIMIZU,  

[Paper #]HCS2009-78
Simplifying Makes Clarifying : The Design of Communication Model by using Abstract Animated Agent

Masahide Yuasa,  

[Paper #]HCS2009-79

Shigeru WESUGI,  

[Paper #]HCS2009-80
Nonverbal Cues and Skill of Building Relationships in the Dyadic Conversation (1)

Hitomi Yokoyama,  Nao Maeda,  Ikuo Daibo,  Ken Fujiwara,  Takashi Maeda,  Fumio Kishino,  Yoshifumi Kitamura,  Kazuki Takashima,  Yoshihiko Hayashi,  

[Paper #]HCS2009-81
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