Engineering Sciences/NOLTA-Mathematical Systems Science and its applications(Date:2014/02/27)



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[Paper #]
Risk-sensitive Optimal Supervisory Control of Discrete Event Systems

Tatsushi YAMASAKI,  Taishi IRIE,  Shin MATSUBARA,  

[Paper #]MSS2013-75
A Supervisory Control Based Approach to Protocol Inheritance Preserving Soundization for Workflow Nets with TP-Handles

Soichiro NAGANO,  Shingo YAMAGUCHI,  

[Paper #]MSS2013-76
On Computation for Prestabilizing Controllers in Discrete Event Systems

Sasinee PRUEKPRASERI,  Toshimitsu USHIO,  

[Paper #]MSS2013-77
On Development and Test Capability of Eclair : Elevator Group Controller Model Checking System Based on S-ring and SPIN


[Paper #]MSS2013-78
Understanding of Transportation Process of Individual Passenger in Elevator based on Mark Flow Graph Model


[Paper #]MSS2013-79
A Proposal of a Simplified Mathemetical Model to Evaluate Group Controll Algorithms of Multi-Car Single-Shaft Elevators


[Paper #]MSS2013-80
A CPN Tools Based Method of Solving Multi-Car Multi-Shaft Elevator Design Problem and Its Consideration

Norihide ISHIDA,  Shingo YAMAGUCHI,  

[Paper #]MSS2013-81
A Numerical Study on Optimality of Elevator Operations by a Zoning Technique

Tsutomu INAMOTO,  Yoshinobu HIGAMI,  Shin-ya KOBAYASHI,  

[Paper #]MSS2013-82
Controller Programing of Elevator Control Logic by Translating Mark Flow Graph into Sequential Function Chart


[Paper #]MSS2013-83
A Mathematical Programming Approach for the Online Car Operation Problem in Multi-car Elevator Systems

Takayuki TAHARA,  Shunji TANAKA,  

[Paper #]MSS2013-84
A Method to Reduce the Number of Channels by Placing Relay Stations in a Wireless Network

Rirei KUROSHIMA,  Hiroshi MATSUNO,  

[Paper #]MSS2013-85
Circuit functionality analysis in a gene regulatory network using GINsim : A toy example

Kaori MITANI,  Hiroshi MATSUNO,  Adrien FAURE,  

[Paper #]MSS2013-86
An image retrieval system for handwritten Japanese historical documents based on structural information of characters

Yuichiro IINO,  Ryo ARAKAWA,  Hiroaki NAGAOKA,  Mitsuru NAKATA,  Qi-Wei GE,  

[Paper #]MSS2013-87
Logical analysis of the entrainment of the cell cycle by the circadian clock

Wataru MORI,  Adrien FAURE,  

[Paper #]MSS2013-88
Properties of Dependent Subnets in a Retention-Free Petri Net

Atsushi MIZUTA,  Qi-Wei GE,  Hiroshi MATSUNO,  

[Paper #]MSS2013-89
Decision Support of Observation Areas by Bayesian Network

Megumi SAWADA,  Atsuo OZAKI,  Shusuke WATANABE,  

[Paper #]MSS2013-90
Estimation of processing completion time and critical path in manufacturing systems with stochastic processing time

Yuki GOTO,  Tomohiro KATSUNO,  Susumu HASHIZUME,  Tomoyuki YAJIMA,  Katsuaki ONOGI,  

[Paper #]MSS2013-91
Elimination of Mutual Interference in Autonomous Deadlock Avoidance for Mixed Production System

Yukihito NISHIDA,  Koji Takahashi,  

[Paper #]MSS2013-92
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