Engineering Sciences/NOLTA-Information Security(Date:2000/01/25)



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[Paper #]
A Novel Fast Correlation Attack Suitable for Simple Hardare Implementation

Miodrag J. Mihaljevic,  Marc P.C. Fossorier,  Hideki Imai,  

[Paper #]ISEC99-74
On the Design of High-Speed Pseudorandom bit Generators for Secure Broadcasting Systems

Chung-Huang Yang,  

[Paper #]ISEC99-75
An Improvement on a Non-linear Random Sequence Generator with Sufficient Registers

Takanori NIWA,  Takeshi Nagao,  Ichi TAKUMI,  Masayasu HATA,  

[Paper #]ISEC99-76
Strength of Round function in RC6 Block Cipher against Higher Order Differential Attack

Hidema TANAKA,  Hiroshi TANAKA,  Toshinobu KANEKO,  

[Paper #]ISEC99-77
A New Hash Function Based on SQH and NH^a

Sun-Young LEE,  Kwang-Jo KIM,  Hideki IMAI,  

[Paper #]ISEC99-78
The hash function using the multi-affine key system

Shuichi Suzuki,  

[Paper #]ISEC99-79
A Design of Modular Multiplier Based on Multi-precision Carry Save Adder

Jae-Cheol Ha,  Sang-Jae Moon,  

[Paper #]ISEC99-80
Elliptic Curve Discrete Logarithms and Wieferich Primes

Jung Hee Cheon,  Dong Hoon Lee,  Sang Geun Hahn,  Seongtaek Chee,  

[Paper #]ISEC99-81
An Efficient Implementation of Two-Term Exponentiation

Sang Gyoo SIM,  Pil Joong LEE,  

[Paper #]ISEC99-82
A Method for Improving the Security of a Fast Public Key Encryption Scheme Presented by Itoh, Okamoto and Mambo at SAC'97

Takeru MIYAZAKI,  

[Paper #]ISEC99-83
A Revokable Electronic Cash System using S/key One-Time Password

Hyung-Geun Oh,  Im-Yeong Lee,  

[Paper #]ISEC99-84
An Observer-based Electronic Cash Scheme with Limited Usage Period

Jong-Ho Ryu,  Ho-Sun Yoon,  Heung-Youl youm,  

[Paper #]ISEC99-85
Development of an electronic auction system using Java

Hyun Dong Park,  Doo Shik Yoon,  

[Paper #]ISEC99-86
Receipt-free Electronic Voting through Collaboration of Voter and honest Verifier

Byoungcheon Lee,  Kwangjo Kim,  

[Paper #]ISEC99-87
A Study on Electronic Approval Systems using Digital Multisignature Scheme

Hee-Un Park,  Chang-Goo Kang,  Im-Yeong Lee,  

[Paper #]ISEC99-88
Multi-party Fair Exchange Protocol Using Ring Architecture Model

Ji Seon Kim,  Jae Cheol Ryou,  

[Paper #]ISEC99-89
Implementation of L^4Linux-MLS with Security Servers

C.W. Lee,  H.G. Kim,  T.K. Park,  

[Paper #]ISEC99-90
Security of Authentication Protocols with Compromised Certificates

W. Wen,  F. Mizoguchi,  

[Paper #]ISEC99-91
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