Communication-Satellite Telecommunications(Date:2007/10/25)



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[Paper #]
Current and Future Development of H-II A/B Launch Vehicles

Makoto ARITA,  

[Paper #]SAT2007-20
Standardization Trend on Satellite Mobile Broadcasting and Communications(ETRI The Future Wave)

Ho-Jin Lee,  

[Paper #]SAT2007-21
Applications of Satellite Imagery to Surveying Archeological Sites and Remains(Application-I)

Yong-Ok Chin,  Kyoung-Yoon Park,  

[Paper #]SAT2007-22
BSP and ISP; the Internet and Synchronous TDMA DSB Network : New Applications based on the Integration of Communication and Broadcasting(Application-I)

Osamu Ichiyoshi,  

[Paper #]SAT2007-23
S-Band Satellite Digital Multimedia Broadcasting Service As Disaster Prevention Media(Application-I)

Yoshitake Dr. YAMAGUCHI,  

[Paper #]SAT2007-24
The simulation results for GS list-decoding of RS codes(Coding Technology)

ZhiAn Zheng,  DangHai PHAM,  Tomohisa Wada,  

[Paper #]SAT2007-25
Row-splitting Algorithm for Low Density Parity Check Codes(Coding Technology)

Manho Jung,  Jonghoon Lee,  Sangseob Song,  Sooyoung Kim,  Jongsoo Lim,  

[Paper #]SAT2007-26
Error Performance of Network Coding by Low Density Parity Check Codes(Coding Technology)

Ken HASHIMOTO,  Ikuo OKA,  Shingo ATA,  

[Paper #]SAT2007-27
Design of spectrum spreading technique applied to DVB-S2(Coding Technology)

Pansoo Kim,  Dae-Ig Chang,  Ho-Jin Lee,  

[Paper #]SAT2007-28
OFDM for satellite communications(Modem Technology)

Takaya YAMAZATO,  Akira OGAWA,  

[Paper #]SAT2007-29
A High Speed and Robustness OFDM-based LEO Transport Architecture in Ka Band(Modem Technology)

Chin-Feng Lin,  Kuo-Tseng Chang,  

[Paper #]SAT2007-30
A novel FFT-based Variable Channel and Bandwidth-TDMA scheme (VCB-TDMA) for Dynamic Spectrum Access Wireless Networks(Modem Technology)

Masahiro UMEHIRA,  Koichi ISHIHARA,  Yasushi TAKATORI,  

[Paper #]SAT2007-31
Chip Equalizer using Tap Selection Algorithm for Satellite Digital Multimedia Broadcasting (DMB)(Modem Technology)

Sang Joon Lee,  Jong Soo Seo,  

[Paper #]SAT2007-32
Development of Interference Cancellation System by Adaptive-array Antenna Technique for Sharing between Satellite Communication Services and Other Radio Communication Services(System Engineering-I)

Nobuyuki KAWAI,  Hiroshi FUJII,  Isamu NOMURA,  Hidemi OKI,  Hiroki KIHARA,  Noriyuki KARIYA,  

[Paper #]SAT2007-33
Development of RF Front-end for High Precision Receiver for GNSS Sensor Station(System Engineering-I)

Dong-pil Chang,  Sanguk Lee,  In-bok Yom,  

[Paper #]SAT2007-34
A Performance Evaluation of the Variable Demodulator based on the DVB-RCS for Satellite Communication System(System Engineering-I)

Keun Pyo Hong,  Nam Kyung Lee,  Won Ho Kim,  Ho Kyom Kim,  

[Paper #]SAT2007-35
A study on Earth Stations onboard Vessels (ESV) operating in the bands 6GHz and 14GHz(System Engineering-I)

Naoki FUKE,  Norio TAKAHASHI,  Nobuyuki KAWAI,  

[Paper #]SAT2007-36
Development of Ku-band Transmitter for 10-cm Class Pico-satellites(Satellite System)

Masanori NISHIO,  Tsutomu TOKIFUJI,  Hideki UJIHARA,  

[Paper #]SAT2007-37
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