Technical Committee on Radio Communication Systems (RCS), IEICE


Radio communication technologies are becoming more important in the provision of broadband and ubiquitous infrastructures for emerging wireless networks such as cellular (LTE, LTE-Advanced, NR, and 6G), wireless LAN, wireless mesh network, and terrestrial broadcasting.

The main objective of this technical committee is to facilitate research on radio communication systems designed for effectively utilizing the limited frequency resource and exploiting cable/contact-free mobility. For that purpose, conferences are held monthly as a place for exchanging information and enlightening new ideas through technical presentations and discussions between researchers, engineers, and users involved in extensive radio communication technologies. The specific topics are listed below.


Technical Area Topics
Wireless Communication Theory Spectral Efficient Communication Systems, Channel Capacity Evaluation, Modulation / Demodulation Theory, Adaptive Signal Processing, Information Theory, Coding Theory, Security, Radio Network Architecture
Radio Communication Technologies Mobile Communication Technologies, Fixed Wireless Access, Optical Wireless Communications, Diversity Techniques, Adaptive Radio Link Control, Forward Error Correction, Multiple-Input and Multiple-Output, Adaptive Equalization / Interference Canceller, RoF (radio on fiber)
Radio Access Technologies Multiple Access Scheme, Multi-Carrier Transmission, Wireless LAN/PAN, Radio Resource Control, Broadcasting System, Cooperative / Collaborative Transmission, Synchronization Techniques, MAC
Wireless Networking Technologies Multi-hop Network, Wireless Backhaul (Relay), Sensor Network, Handover, QoS Control, Distributed Network, Heterogeneous Network, Cross-Layer Design
Standardization activities, Implementation schemes Link Budget Analysis, Mobile Station / Base Station Systems, Radio Network Controller, Modulation / Demodulation Circuit, Standardization, Wireless Sensing Techniques, Radiowave Propagation Measurement, Electromagnetic Compatibility



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ChairKenichi HiguchiTokyo Univ. of Science
Vice ChairOsamu MutaToshiba
Fumihide KojimaKyushu Univ.
Naoto IshiiNEC
SecretaryKoichi AdachiUniv. of Electro-Comm.
Osamu NakamuraSharp
Manabu SakaiMitsubishi Electric
AssistantMasashi IwabuchiNTT
Issei KannoKDDI Research
Yuyuan ChangTokyo Inst. of Tech
Kazuki MarutaTokyo Univ. of Science
Kiichi Tateishi