IEEE VTC’22-spring Workshop (TPoC6G 2022) 論文募集のご案内【投稿締切延長:3月20日(日)】

電子情報通信学会 RCS研究会ではIEEE VTC2022-SpringのWorkshopとして開催いたします,
Technologies and Proof-of-Concept Activities for 6G 2022 (TPoC6G 2022)

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IEEE VTC2022-Spring Workshop
Technologies and Proof-of-Concept Activities for 6G 2022 (TPoC6G 2022)

Date: TBA
Venue: Please refer to the COVID-19 statement from VTC’22-spring (
This workshop will follow the instruction from the organizing committee, meaning that the workshop will be held onsite, but it will depend on the COVID-19 global situation.

In conjunction with IEEE VTC’22-spring (19 – 22 June, 2022)

TPoC6G 2022 workshop will be held in Helsinki, Finland on 19th June 2022 (temporary) in conjunction with the 2022 IEEE 95th Vehicular Technology Conference: VTC2022‐Spring. This workshop is technically sponsored by IEICE (Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers) Communication Society, IEICE technical committees on Radio Communication Systems (RCS) in Japan and IEEE VTS Tokyo/Japan Chapter.

• Submission due: 20th March 2022 ( EXTENDED! )
• Acceptance notification: 17th April 2022
• Final paper submission due: 1st May 2022

The 5th generation (5G) mobile communication system was just launched in 2019. New technologies and their technical concepts for 5G Evolution (5GE) (5G-Advanced in 3GPP) and the 6th generation (6G) mobile communication system are about to be investigated in many research entities. On top of them, research and development activities for 6G are about to be initiated. This workshop is aiming to provide opportunities to present the latest wireless and mobile network technologies and the proof-of-concept (PoC) activities for 5GE and 6G. Distinguished speakers from industry and academia will present their latest research and development results and discuss their perspectives regarding the new directions towards 6G. The discussion at the workshop is also expected to promote the exchange of new ideas among researchers.

– Wireless and mobile network technologies for 5GE and 6G
– Technology trials for 5GE and 6G
– Simulation-based technology validations for 5GE and 6G
– PoC for local / private 5G and dedicated 5G network
– Hardware implementation issues of the 6G system in SFH band or millimeter wave / terahertz band
– Validation of technology concepts for 6G by simulations or experiments (e.g. Full duplex, New waveform, Modulation, Channel coding, Multiple access, Intelligent reflecting surfaces / Reconfigurable intelligent surfaces, Enhanced / Distributed massive MIMO, Energy efficiency enhancement, Low power consumption, Novel spectrum use, Extreme ultra-reliable and low latency communications, AI-based communications, Coverage extension by non-terrestrial network, Positioning, Wireless sensing, Optical communications, Radio over fiber, Optical wireless communications, acoustic communications, Radio resource management, and Network architecture)

General Chair:
• Eiji Okamoto, Nagoya Institute of Technology

TPC Co-Chairs:
• Satoshi Suyama, NTT DOCOMO
• Yuyuan Chang, Tokyo Institute of Technology
• Koichi Adachi, The University of Electro-Communications

Publicity Chair:
• Fumiaki Maehara, Waseda University

Keynote Co-Chairs:
• Yukitoshi Sanada, Keio University
• Toshihiko Nishimura, Hokkaido University