No.ContentsData typeLocationDate of resistrationRegistrant
3Path loss data in an urban areaRay-tracingA hypothetical townMay 31st 2020Y. Kishiki, G. Ching (KKE)


Frequency2 GHz
Tx antennaIsotropic, Vertical-pol.
Tx antenna height40 m, 50 m, 60 m
Rx antennaIsotopic, Vertical-pol.
Rx antenna height1.5 m
Rx position10m grid


Conditions of data use

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T. Imai, H. Iwai, Yukiko Kishiki, Gilbert Siy Ching, “Trial of Propagation Model Contest,” IEICE Tech. Rep., vol. 117, no. 382, AP2017-160, pp. 53-55, Jan. 2018. (in Japanese)

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