No.ContentsData typeLocationDate of resistrationRegistrant
2Path loss data in a residential areaMeasurementWest area of Kyutech Tobata-campusMar. 25th 2020S. Ichitsubo (Kyutech)


Measurement areaTobata-ku, Kitakyushu-shi, Fukuoka, Japan
Frequency29.8, 53.5, 151.9, 438.5, 1298, 5120, 10500MHz
Base stationBuilding of Kyushu Institute of Technology
BS antenna height27 m (6th floor)
Mobile stationMeasurement vehicle
MS antenna height1.5 m
Short term length10 m
Measurement course10 courses, total distance: 1.9km


Measurement courses

Source: Website of Geospatial Information Authority of Japan

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[1] R. Nakamura and S. Ichitsubo, “Frequency Characteristic of 30 MHz – 5 GHz and Path Loss of VHF Band in Mobile Propagation”, The 2017 IEICE Commun. Conference, B-1-18, Sep. 2017. (in Japanese)

[2] S. Ichitsubo and R. Nakamura, “Frequency Characteristics of the Range of 30 MHz – 5 GHz in Micro-Cell for Mobile Propagation”,  URSI-F, No. 617, Sep. 2017. (in Japanese)

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