Repository of Radio Propagation Related Dataset supported by Technical committee on Antennas and Propagation (AP Propagation Database), IEICE.

Terms of Use of AP Propagation Database

“AP Propagation Database” is an online data repository created and supported by Technical committee on Antennas and Propagation, IEICE. AP Propagation Database hosts propagation datasets of interest to the antennas and propagation engineering community.

AP Propagation Database includes a wide range of data and information related to propagation characteristics such as measured data of various propagation characteristics, data obtained by other methods than measurement (for example, calculation), data for propagation models or model itself, and estimation program of propagation characteristic.

The following Terms of Use govern your use of AP Propagation Database. These Terms of Use should be read prior to your use of AP Propagation Database. Use of AP Propagation Database constitutes acceptance of the Terms of Use. 

  • When presenting results using this repository, cite references specified by the registrant. If the registrant wishes, he/she may write an acknowledgement instead of a reference.
  • If there is a deeper collaboration between the registrant and the user, consider including the registrant as a co-author of a paper of research conducted using the repository. However, the decision on whether to add a registrant as a co-author is based on consultation between the registrant and the user.
  • The registered data will be allowed for secondary use by the user, when the above quotation conditions are observed. The copyright and intellectual property resulting from research conducted by the user using the registered data belong to the user.
  • The development of products and the sale of services using the data, excluding the cases where the data itself is sold or where the data is embedded directly into the product, are permitted. However, redistribution of the data is prohibited.
  • The AP Propagation Database committee does not guarantee the content and reliability of the data. There is no review of the data.
  • Data access is free of charge.
  • Those who wish to access data should submit an application for access to the AP Propagation Database committee via email. After confirming the application by the AP Propagation Database committee, the access method will be informed.
  • For details on how to apply, please contact the following address.
  • If you have questions about the repository or about an individual dataset, please contact us at the following address. Please note that the committee and registrants may not respond to questions.
  • Use of the repository for development of weapons directly-related to mass destruction is prohibited.
  • When presenting results using this repository, please report it to the secretary of the committee via email.
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