IEICE Information and Communication Technology Forum


Session Number:B3



Oscillation Model for Describing Propagation of Activities on Network Caused by Asymmetric Node Interactions

Masaki Aida,  


Publication Date:2016-10-01

Online ISSN:2188-5079


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Since information exchange via social networks is being stimulated by the recent rapid adoption of information networks, the complex dynamics generated in social networks is interesting research objects. In this talk, I show an oscillation model for elucidate the propagation of activities on social networks. In order to analyze such dynamics, we generally need to model asymmetric interaction between nodes, because influence between users is asymmetric in general. In matrix-based network models, asymmetric interaction between nodes is frequently modeled by a directed graph expressed as an asymmetric matrix. Unfortunately, it is difficult to analyze the dynamics of a network that is described by an asymmetric matrix. I discuss a symmetric matrix-based model that can describe some types of link asymmetry. In addition, I show two applications: the first one is an extension of node centrality, and the second one enables us to estimate eigenvalues of a matrix describing the structure of networks even if we do not know elements of the matrix.