International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility


Session Number:23Q3



Simulation of Radiated EMI in Valve Hall of ±800-kV HVDC Converter Stations

Z. Yu,  J. He,  R. Zeng,  J. Zhao,  


Publication Date:2009/7/20

Online ISSN:2188-5079


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The wide-band frequency EM noise is generated during the processes of firing and turn-off of thyristor valves in converter stations. Due to the antenna effect of converters, which consist of valves and accessory equipments, the radiated EM noise is generated. The noise may interfere with the systems in valve halls or in adjacent rooms by the way of radiated coupling. The radiated EMI level in valve halls are highest in converter stations. A method of simulation analysis based on the Method of Moments is proposed. The EMI level of the ±800-kV converter stations of the Yun-Guang ±800-kV HVDC transmission project in China, are analysed in the paper.