2014 International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility, Tokyo

event date session num session
2014-05-1313A1-APower Electronics & Vehicles (1)
2014-05-1313A1-HNumerical Modeling (1)
2014-05-1313A2-APower Electronics & Vehicles (2)
2014-05-1313A2-HNumerical Modeling (2)
2014-05-1313A-BOrganized Session: Signal Integrity and Unintentional EM Radiation Related to Printed Circuit Boards
2014-05-1313A-SOrganized Session: Electromagnetic Phenomena Associated with Earthquakes: Earthquake Prediction
2014-05-1313P1-AEMC Management and Standards
2014-05-1313P1-BChip, Package, PCB & Cables (1)
2014-05-1313P1-HNumerical Modeling (3)
2014-05-1313P1-SBiological Effects, EMF Safety & EMC in Medical Applications and Safety (1)
2014-05-1414A1-BChip, Package, PCB & Cables (2)
2014-05-1414A1-HNumerical Modeling/Biological Effects
2014-05-1414A2-BChip, Package, PCB & Cables (3)
2014-05-1414A-AOrganized Session: Improving the Measurement Uncertainty of EMI Testing
2014-05-1414P1-AOrganized Session: Metrological Approach for Result Validation and Improvement of Measurement Quality
2014-05-1414P1-BOrganized Session/Workshop: IC Chip Level EMC for Telecommunication
2014-05-1414P1-HBiological Effects, EMF Safety & EMC in Medical Applications and Safety (2)
2014-05-1414P1-SHigh Power & High Voltage EMC
2014-05-1414P2-AOrganized Session: EM Information Leakage
2014-05-1414P2-BOrganized Session: 3D-IC and Packages
2014-05-1414P2-HOrganized Session: Active Implantable Medical Device EMI
2014-05-1414P2-SPower System EMC
2014-05-1515A1-AEMC Measurements (1)
2014-05-1515A1-BChip, Package, PCB & Cables (4)
2014-05-1515A2-AEMC Measurements (2)
2014-05-1515A2-BChip, Package, PCB & Cables (5)
2014-05-1515A-HOrganized Session: EMC Aspects of Wireless Power Transfer Systems
2014-05-1515P1-AEMC Measurements (3)
2014-05-1515P1-SOrganized Session: Electromagnetic Noise Radiation and EMI Effects Caused by ESD
2014-05-1515P2-ABiological Effects, EMF Safety & EMC in Medical Applications and Safety (3)
2014-05-1515P-BOrganized Session/Workshop: EMC Topics Related to Smart Grid
2014-05-1515P-HOrganized Session/Worlshop: Automotive EMC
2014-05-1616A1-AEMC Measurements (4)
2014-05-1616A1-BImmunity / Susceptibility, ESD and Transients (1)
2014-05-1616A1-SOrganized Session: Computational Techniques, Modeling, and Simulation for Electromagnetics
2014-05-1616A2-ACommunication System EMC (1)
2014-05-1616A2-BImmunity / Susceptibility, ESD and Transients (2)
2014-05-1616A2/P1-HOrganized Session: Recent Trends of Standardization Activities and Evaluation Techniques for the Electromagnetic Exposure to the Human Body
2014-05-1616A2-SNumerical Modeling (4)
2014-05-1616P1-ACommunication System EMC (2)
2014-05-1616P1-BShielding, Grounding & Materials (1)
2014-05-1616P1-SOrganized Session: GPU Computing-based Acceleration of Electromagnetic Simulation
2014-05-1616P2-BShielding, Grounding & Materials (2)
2014-05-1616P2-SOrganized Session: Aerospace EMC
2014-05-1616P3-HOrganized Session: Photonics-applied Electromagnetic Measurement for EMC