The 2011 International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation

number title/author
WeF1-1Application of An Approximate Fresnel Function to Discrete Ray Tracing Method
Yuki Kimura, Junichi Honda, Kazunori Uchida,
WeF1-2A Uniform Asymptotic Solution for Transmitted Waves through a Plane Dielectric Interface from a Denser to a Rarer Mediums
Dinh T. Quang, Keiji Goto, Toru Kawano, Toyohiko Ishihara,
WeF1-3FDTD Analysis of a Metal Grating Structure at Oblique Incidence
Yuu Wakabayashi, Junji Yamauchi, Hisamatsu Nakano,
WeF1-4Radar Cross Section Estimation of Open-Ended Cavities Using Physical Optics with Modified Vectors for Exterior and Iteration for Interior Walls
Ryosuke HASABA, Masakazu HARA, Makoto ANDO,
WeF1-5Localization of Physical Optics Radiation Integrals Area in Scattering from a Rectangular Plate
Takayuki Kohama, Keita Ito, Makoto Ando,