The 2013 International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation

number title/author
WP-1(B)-1A General MoM-PO Hybrid Framework for Modelling Complex Antenna Arrays Mounted on Extremely Large Platform
Zi-Liang Liu, Xing Wang, Chao-Fu Wang,
WP-1(B)-2An Adaptive Frequency Sweeping Algorithm of MoM Impedance Matrices in Full-Wave Analysis of Microstrip Patch Antennas
Shi Fei Wu, Zhe Song, Wei-Dong Li,
WP-1(B)-3Combination of Ultra-Wide Band Characteristic Basis Function Method and Improved Adaptive Model-Based Parameter Estimation in MoM Solution
A.-M. Yao, W. Wu, J. Hu, D.-G. Fang,
WP-1(B)-4Analysis of Millimeter-Wave Exposure on Rabbit Eye Using a Hybrid PMCHWT-MoM-FDTD Method
Jerdvisanop Chakarothai, Yukihisa Suzuki, Masao Taki, Kanako Wake, Kensuke Sasaki, Soichi Watanabe, Masami Kojima,
WP-1(B)-5Time Domain Integral Equation Method Using FFT-Based Marching-On-in-Degree Method for Analyzing PEC Patches On Substrate
Jian-Yao Zhao, Wei Luo, Wen-Yan Yin,