The 2013 International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation

number title/author
TP-2(B)-1The Substrate and Ground Plane Size Effect on Radiation Pattern of 60-GHz LTCC Patch Antenna Array
Lei Wang, Yong-Xin Guo, Wen Wu,
TP-2(B)-2Ultra-broadband Tapered Slot Terahertz Antennas on Thin Polymeric Substrate
Masami Inoue, Masayuki Hodono, Shogo Horiguchi, Masayuki Fujita, Tadao Nagatsuma,
TP-2(B)-3A D-Band Packaged Antenna on Low Temperature Co-Fired Ceramics for Wire-Bond Connection with an Indium Phosphide Power Meter
Bing Zhang, Li Wei, Herbert Zirath,
TP-2(B)-4Circuit Model and Analysis of Antenna-in-Package
Li Li, Wenmei Zhang,
TP-2(B)-5Design, Simulation and Measurement of a 120GHz On-Chip Antenna in 45nm CMOS for High-Speed Short-Range Wireless Connectors
Noel Deferm, Patrick Reynaert,