International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation 2016, Okinawa, Japan

number title/author
2A2-1Recent and Future Research Trends in Planar Multi-beam Antennas in the Millimeter Wave Range at IETR-France
Karim TEKKOUK, Mauro ETTORRE, Francesco Foglia Manzillo, Thomas Potelon, Maciej Smierzchalski, Darwin Blanco, Laurent Le Coq, Ronan Sauleau,
2A2-2Detection and Suppression of Scattered Fields from Coplanar Micro-Probe and Positioner in Millimeter Wave On-Chip Antenna Measurements
Lars J Foged, Lucia Scialacqua, Per O Iversen,
2A2-3Ka band active array antenna for mobile satellite communications
Manuel Sierra Castaner, Manuel Sierra Perez, Jose M Fernández, Adrian Tamayo, Alfonso Muriel,
2A2-4Progress in Body-Worn Antennas for On-Body Propagation
Kaj B Jakobsen,
2A2-5Antenna current optimization and optimal design
Mats Gustafsson,