International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation ISAP 2006

number title/author
1C2b-1Electromagnetic Simulations of a W-loop Antenna Attached on a Rear Window of a Car
Taichiro Sato, Yoshihide Yamada, Kazushige Ogino,
1C2b-2A Novel Approach to Remove Singularity of Line-Surface Integral in Higher-Order Algorithms on Triangular Mesh
Fu-Gang Hu, Chao-Fu Wang, Yeow-Beng Gan, Le-Wei Li,
1C2b-3Comparison of Nonorthogonal FDTD and Yee’s Algorithm in Modelling Photonic Bandgap Structures
W Song, Y Hao, C G Parini,
1C2b-4Analyses of Nonlinearly Loaded Antennas and Antenna Arrays Using Particle Swarm Algorithm
Kun-Chou Lee,
1C2b-53-D ADI-FDTD Method with Fewer For-Loops
Eng Leong Tan, Weiming Fu,
1C2b-6Antenna Modeling Using 3D Hybrid Finite Element - Finite Difference Time Domain Method
Neelakantam Venkatarayalu, Yeow-Beng Gan, Robert Lee, Le-Wei Li,