International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation 2016, Okinawa, Japan

number title/author
1A3-1Functional Metamaterial Devices for Manipulation of Waves in Microwave Region based on Transformation Optics
Qun Wu, Jinshuo Mei, Xumin Ding, Kuang Zhang,
1A3-2A Small and Thin Metasurface Loop Antenna
Sungtek Kahng Kahng, Dajung Han, Changhyeong Lee, Muhammad Kamran Kattak, Sungtek Kahng,
1A3-3Design of Broadband and Low-loss Double Negative Electromagnetic Metameterials with Solid-State Arrangement
Xiaoxiao Zhou, Shixing Yu, Long Li,
1A3-4Beam Steering Using Grpahene-based Magnetic Resonator
Xiaobing Li, Weibing Lu, Jian Wang, Baohu Huang,