IEICE Information and Communication Technology Forum 2017

number title/author
SESSION09_1A Wireless Multirate Loss Model for Quasi-Random Traffic Under a State-dependent Threshold Policy
Ioannis Moscholios,
SESSION09_2Call-level Evaluation of a Two-Link Single Rate Loss Model for Poisson Traffic
Ioannis Moscholios, Spiros Pantelis, Sotirios Papadopoulos,
SESSION09_3Performance Evaluation of SMM Clos-Network Switches under Static Connection Patterns Scheme
Janusz Kleban, Jaroslaw Warczynski,
SESSION09_4Rearrangeability of 2x2 W-S-W Elastic Switching Fabrics with Two Connection Rates
Wojciech Kabacinski, Remigiusz Rajewski, Atyaf Al-Tameemi,