IEICE Information and Communication Technology Forum 2016

number title/author
A1-01Wide-Area Deployable Ad Hoc Networks
Kenichi Mase,
A1-02Robotics Facilitates Communications: Laser-Powered Drones with QoS Awareness
George Karagiannidis,
A1-1Scalable Bloom-Filter Based Content Dissemination in Community Networks using Information Centric Principles
Vassilios Vassilakis, Liang Wang, Laura Carrea, Ioannis Moscholios, Michael Logothetis,
A1-2Opportunistic Routing Using Prioritized Forwarders with Retransmission Control
Taku Yamazaki, Ryo Yamamoto, Takumi Miyoshi, Takuya Asaka, Yoshiaki Tanaka,
A1-3Autonomous Clustering Scheme for Removing the Effects of Heterogeneous Node Degrees in Ad Hoc Networks
Ryosuke Morita, Chisa Takano, Masaki Aida,
A1-4Consensus Problems in Wireless Networks for Keyhole Geometry
Stojan Denic, Orestis Georgiou, William Thompson, Mohammud Zubeir Bocus,