IEICE Information and Communication Technology Forum

number title/author
ICTF2020_paper_21Absorber Characterisation for Over-the-Air Radar Target Stimulation on Automotive Test Rigs
Michael Vorderderfler, Michael E. Gadringer, Wolfgang Bösch, Erich Leitgeb,
ICTF2020_paper_22Evaluation of the refractive index structure constant profile
Pasha Bekhrad, Erich Leitgeb,
ICTF2020_paper_28Ring Grounding Electrode and Coaxial Vertical Cylindrical Ground Non-homogeneity
Dejan B. Jovanović, Dragana B. Jovanović, Nenad N. Cvetković,
ICTF2020_paper_4Characteristic of Some Physiological Parameters Based on Bicycle and Treadmill Exercise Testing
Milan Stork, Jaroslav Novak,
ICTF2020_paper_5Optimization Approach for Improvement of Energy Efficiency of Buildings in a Microgrid
Vassil G. Guliashki, Galia I. Marinova,
ICTF2020_paper_8Simple Amplitude Control and Frequency Correction of Recursive Sine Wave Digital Oscillators
Milan Stork,