2013 International Symposium on Electromagnetic Theory

number title/author
24PM1E-01On the Relevance of Two-Dimensional Sources for Modelling Optical Emission from Layered Media
Ariel Epstein, Nir Tessler, Pinchas D. Einziger,
24PM1E-02Antenna Pattern Reconstruction by Spherical Vector Waves for Spherical Antenna Measurement
Yang Miao, Jun-ichi Takada,
24PM1E-03On the generalized Jordan’s lemma with applications in waveguide theory
Sven Nordebo, Stefan Gustafsson, Andreas Ioannidis, Börje Nilsson, Joachim Toft,
24PM1E-04A Mathematical Framework for Propagation in an Open Cavity
Andreas D. Ioannidis, Börje Nilsson, Sven Nordebo,
24PM1E-05A Well-Conditioned Algebraic System for Scattering from Eccentrically Layered Circular Cylinders
Fatih Dikmen, Sevda Vatansever, Yury A. Tuchkin,
24PM1E-06Stored energies for electric and magnetic currents with applications to Q for small antennas
B. L. G. Jonsson, Mats Gustafsson,