2009 International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility, Kyoto

number title/author
21S3-1Intercomparison of Induced Fields in Japanese Male Model TARO Due to Magnetic Field Exposures
K. Yamazaki, A. Hirata, S. Hamada, Y. Kamimura, H. Tarao, K. Wake, Y. Suzuki, N. Hayashi,
21S3-2Calculation and Measurement of Induced Current Density Inside Human Body Under 60 Hz ELF Magnetic Fields
S. W. Min, E. S. Kim, S. H. Myung,
21S3-3Computational Analysis on Induced Current Density and Electric Field in a Pregnant Woman Model Due to Intermediate Frequency Magnetic Fields
Y. Suzuki, K. Maruyama, K. Wake,