The 23rd Asia-Pacific Network Operations and Management Symposium

number title/author
TS6-01Virtual Network Function Placement Model Considering Both Service Delay and Availability
Shinya Horimoto, Eiji Oki,
TS6-02Service Deployment with Per-Flow-Priority-Based Virtual Network Function Resizing
Keigo Akahoshi, Eiji Oki,
TS6-03Title : Reinforcement Learning of Graph Neural Networks for Service Function Chaining in Computer Network Management
DongNyeong Heo, Doyoung Lee, Hee-Gon Kim, Suhyun Park, Heeyoul Choi,
TS6-04Secure enrollment token delivery for Zero Trust networks using blockchain
Javier Jose Diaz Rivera, Talha Ahmed Khan, Waleed Akbar, Afaq Muhammad, Wang-Cheol Song,