The 23rd Asia-Pacific Network Operations and Management Symposium

number title/author
TS3-01Identifying Root Cause of 5G Radio Quality Deterioration Using Machine Learning
Shohei Maruyama, Yoshiaki Nishikawa, Takeo Onishi, Eiji Takahashi,
TS3-02Clustering-Based Serverless Edge Computing Assisted Federated Learning for Energy Procurement
Luyao Zou, Md. Shirajum Munir, Ye Lin Tun, Choong Seon Hong,
TS3-03Energy-Aware Task Offloading and Resource Allocation in Space-Aerial-Integrated MEC System
Nway Nway Ei, Yoon Ji Su, Choong Seon Hong,
TS3-04Energy-Efficient IoE Networks Deployment for Future Smart Cities
Sheikh Salman Hassan, Dong Uk Kim, Seok Won Kang, Choong Seon Hong,