12th Optoelectronics and Communications Conference/16th International Conference on Integrated Optics and Optical Fiber Communication

number title/author
12C1-1New fiber designs and fabrications for data transmission and novel fiber devices
P. Nouchi, L. Gasca, P. Sillard, L. A. de Montmorillon, G. Melin, A. Pastouret,
12C1-2Ultra-high-density optical fiber cable and its application as pre-connectorized cable with adjustable excess length
Yusuke Yamada, Kunihiro Toge, Kazuo Hogari,
12C1-310 Gb/s WDM transmission at 1064 and 1550 nm over 24 km PCF with negative power penalties
K. Kurokawa, K. Tsujikawa, K. Tajima, K. Nakajima, I. Sankawa,
12C1-4Splice Characteristics of Trench-Assisted Bend-Insensitive Fiber Having Equivalent Dispersion Characteristics to SMF
T. Nunome, T. Yoshida, J. Takahashi, S. Matsuo,