12th Optoelectronics and Communications Conference/16th International Conference on Integrated Optics and Optical Fiber Communication

number title/author
12B4-1Polarization-based Monitoring in WDM Systems
Mats Skold, Bengt-Erik Olsson, Magnus Karlsson, Peter A. Andrekson,
12B4-2Performance Evaluation of the Improved Polarization-Nulling Technique for the OSNR Monitoring in Dynamic Optical Networks
H. Y. Choi, J. H. Lee, S. B. Jun, S. K. Shin, Y. C. Chung,
12B4-3Optical Performance Monitoring in Amplitude Sampling Receivers
F.N. Hauske, M. Kuschnerov, K. Piyawanno, B. Lankl, E.-D. Schmidt,
12B4-4In-Service Monitoring of WDM Passive Optical Network Using Novel Optical Reflectometry Based on Correlation Detection
Y. Takushima, Y. C. Chung,
12B4-5In-band OSNR Monitoring System based on Link-by-link Estimation for Reconfigurable Transparent Optical Networks
Jun Haeng Lee, Noboru Yoshikane, Takehiro Tsuritani, Tomohiro Otani,