The 2016 International Symposium on Nonlinear Theory and Its Applications (NOLTA2016)

number title/author
C1L-E-1Extensions of a Theorem on Algebraic Connectivity Maximizing Graphs
Ryoya Ishii, Norikazu Takahashi,
C1L-E-2Theory for Dynamical Robustness of Complex Networks Against Targeted Attacks
Tianyu Yuan, Kazuyuki Aihara, Gouhei Tanaka,
C1L-E-3A Network Analysis of World's Metro Systems
Xingtang Wu, Chi K. Tse, Hairong Dong, Ivan Wang-Hei Ho, Francis C.M. Lau,
C1L-E-4Bus Transport Network in Hong Kong: Scale-Free or Not?
Tanuja Shanmukhappa, Ivan Wang-Hei Ho, Chi K. Tse,
C1L-E-5A Fast Method for Finding the Edge to Be Added to Minimize Betweenness Centrality of a Specified Vertex
Toshiyuki Namba, Tatsuki Kohno, Norikazu Takahashi,
C1L-E-6Which Vertices Affect the Spread of Disease in Temporal Networks?
Koshi Abe, Yutaka Shimada, Kantaro Fujiwara, Tohru Ikeguchi,