The 2015 International Symposium on Nonlinear Theory and Its Applications (NOLTA2018)

number title/author
B4L-C-1Scaling Parameters and Chaos in Generalized 1D Discrete Time Maps
Wafaa S. Sayed, Ahmed G. Radwan, Hossam A. H. Fahmy, Abdel-Latif E. Hussien,
B4L-C-2Reconstruction of Bifurcation Diagrams with Lyapunov Exponents for Chaotic Systems from Only Time-Series Data
Yoshitaka Itoh, Yuta Tada, Masaharu Adachi,
B4L-C-3Initial-State Dependence of the Route to Chaos in a High-Dimensional Dynamical System: External-Cavity Semiconductor Lasers
Byungchil Kim, Alexandre Locquet, Daeyoung Choi, David Citrin,
B4L-C-4Stability of a Class of Viral Dynamics with Two Delays
Jing Li, Xinghu Teng,