The 2015 International Symposium on Nonlinear Theory and Its Applications (NOLTA2018)

number title/author
A4L-E-1Impedance Networks Matching Mechanism for Designing Power Converters
Guidong Zhang, Zhong Li, Bo Zhang, Dongyuan Qiu, Guanrong Chen, Wolfgang A. Halang,
A4L-E-2Activity and Content-Based Trust Estimation in Online Social Networks
Son Doan Trung, Mario Kubek, Herwig Unger,
A4L-E-3Dynamic Optimization of DC-DC Converters Based on a Nonlinear PID Controller with Tracking Differentiator
Chunxue Fang, Hong Li, Jianing Shang,
A4L-E-4Effect of the Center Frequency of Chaotic Signals on the EMI Suppression in DC-DC Converters with Chaotic Modulation
Yuhong Song, Zhong Li, Junying Niu, Kit Sang Wallace Tang, Wolfgang A. Halang,
A4L-E-5A Chaotic Modulation Interface Circuit for Suppressing EMI in Commercial Power Supplies
Junying Niu, Zhong Li, Yuhong Song, Gary G. Feng, Wolfgang A. Halang,
A4L-E-6Bifurcation Analysis of Subsynchronous Oscillations in DFIG Wind Farms
Gustavo Revel, Andres E. Leon, Diego M. Alonso, Jorge Luis Moiola,