The 2016 International Symposium on Nonlinear Theory and Its Applications (NOLTA2016)

number title/author
A2L-C-1Detecting Directional Couplings from Time Series: Joint Distribution of Distances
Yoshito Hirata, Jose Amigo, Kazuyuki Aihara,
A2L-C-2On Ranking and Mining Universities with the Encyclopedia Wikipedia
Zongjian Li, Cong Li, Xiang Li,
A2L-C-3Characterization and Control of Chimera State Collapses
Ralph Andrzejak, Christian Rummel, Florian Mormann, Kaspar Schindler,
A2L-C-4Extremal Optimisation Approaches for Building Complex Geometric Structures in 3D Integrated Circuits
Maciej Ogorzalek, Katarzyna Grzesiak-Kopec, Piotr Oramus,
A2L-C-5The Anatomy of the Global Football Player Transfer Network: Club Functionalities Versus Network Properties
Xiao Fan Liu,