The 2015 International Symposium on Nonlinear Theory and Its Applications (NOLTA2018)

number title/author
A2L-C-1Nonlinear Dynamics of Nano-Lasers
Zubaida A. Sattar, K. Alan Shore,
A2L-C-2Reservoir Computing Using a Chaotic Mask Signal in a Semiconductor Laser with Optical Feedback
Joma Nakayama, Kazutaka Kanno, Atsushi Uchida,
A2L-C-3Observation of Antiphase Dynamics of Spatiotemporal Chaos in a Broad-Area Semiconductor Laser
Masaya Arahata, Atsushi Uchida,
A2L-C-4Nonlinear Laser Dynamics with Suppressed Time-Delay Signatures by FBGs
Song-Sui Li, Xiao-Zhou Li, Jun-Ping Zhuang, Sze-Chun Chan,
A2L-C-5Millimeter-Wave Phase Noise Analysis on Period-One Dynamics in Semiconductor Lasers
Jun-Ping Zhuang, Song-Sui Li, Xiao-Zhou Li, Sze-Chun Chan,