The 2005 International Symposium on Nonlinear Theory and its Applications

number title/author
4-1-3-1Balanced Model Reduction from a Perturbative Representation of Weakly Nonlinear Systems
Marissa Condon, Rossen I. Ivanov,
4-1-3-2About the topology of the intacellular sinusoidal pacing.
A.Rabinovitch, N.G.Gulko, I.Aviram,
4-1-3-3Modeling of a Chaotic Third-order Log-domain Filter
Alon Ascoli, Paul Curran, Orla Feely,
4-1-3-4Intermodulation Analysis of Nonlinear Circuits Using Two-Dimensional Fourier Transformation
A.Ushida, J.Kawata, Y.Yamagami, Y.Nishio,
4-1-3-5Propagation sustained by perturbation in a nonlinear diffusive medium
S. Morfu, P. Marquie, K. Tse-Ve-Koon,