The 2005 International Symposium on Nonlinear Theory and its Applications

number title/author
3-4-2-1Invariants: A Group Theoretical Foundation and some Applications in Signal Processing and Pattern Recognition
Reiner Lenz, Thanh Bui,
3-4-2-2A scale-space Reeb-graph of topological invariants of images and its applications to copyright protection
Jinhui Chaof, Shintaro Suzuki,
3-4-2-3Toward Interactive Image Communications System with Invariants of Lie Algebra
Mitsunori Makino,
3-4-2-4An Adaptive Mesh Generation for Surface Model Based on a Fibre Bundle of 1-Parameter Groups
Naoya SAGARA, Mitsunori MAKINO, Jinhui CHAO,
3-4-2-5A Visually Interactive Deformation of Surfaces Defined by Linear Lie Algebra with Extraction of Invariants
Mariko KANEKO, Naoya SAGARA, Mitsunori MAKINO, Jinhui CHAO,