The 2005 International Symposium on Nonlinear Theory and its Applications

number title/author
2-1-1-1Algorithms for the Efficient Computation and Application of Volterra Kernels in the Behavior Analysis of Periodically Excited Nonlinear Dynamical Circuits and Systems
Andreas Bauer, Wolfgang Schwarz,
2-1-1-2Complicated superstable periodic behavior in piecewise constant circuits with impulsive excitation
Yusuke Matsuoka, Toshimichi Saito, Hiroyuki Torikai,
2-1-1-3Modeling of Random Delay in LAN-Based Feedback Control Systems
Andreas Moegel, Wolfgang Schwarz,
2-1-1-4Entrainment of driven oscillators and the dynamic behavior of PLL’s
Judith Schmackers, Wolfgang Mathis,
2-1-1-5Steady State Behavior of a Class of Periodically Perturbed Systems
Barry O’Donnell, Paul F. Curran, Orla Feely,
2-1-1-6A Hopf-type generalized van-der-Pol oscillator underlies active signal generation in Drosophila hearing
R. Stoop, A. Kern, M.C. Gopfert, D.A. Smirnov, T.V. Dikanev, B.P. Bezrucko,