2009 International Symposium on Nonlinear Theory and its Applications

number title/author
C2L-B1Detection of Differentially Expressed Gene Modules in Humana Cancer
Terufumi Inoue, Tomomasa Nagashima, Yoshifumi Okada,
C2L-B2Application of F-value to classification problems with numerous numbers of explanatory variables
Tomomasa Nagashima, Yoshifumi Okada, Masahiro Sawai,
C2L-B3Investigation of Synchronization between Tempo of Sound and Heartbeat with Cardio-Music Synchrogram
Makoto Fukumoto, Shusaku Nomura, Masahiro Sawai, Jun-ichi Imai, Tomomasa Nagashima,
C2L-B4Correlation Effect on Stereo Transparency
Osamu Watanabe,