2009 International Symposium on Nonlinear Theory and its Applications

number title/author
B3L-D1Evolutionary prisoner’s dilemma games with cooling-off periods on networks
Yuto FUKUI, Akinori ESAKI, Keiji TATSUMI, Tetsuzo TANINO,
B3L-D2A symmetric two-lane cellular automaton traffic model with a clustering lane-changing rule
Yasumasa Isshiki, Keiji Konishi, Hideki Kokame,
B3L-D3A Spectral Reconstitution Method of Potential Function in Dynamical System
Masataka MINAMI, Takashi HIKIHARA,
B3L-D4Estimation of Models and Parameter in Generation Processes of Multi-fractal Signals based on the Multi-Agent Systems
Yoshikazu Ikeda, Shozo Tokinaga,