The International Symposium on Information Theory and Its Applications

number title/author
Mo-PM-2-4.1Error Performance Analysis of the K-best Viterbi Decoding Algorithm
Hideki Yoshikawa,
Mo-PM-2-4.2Decision Feedback Scheme with Criterion LR+Th for the Ensemble of Linear Block Codes
Toshihiro Niinomi, Hideki Yagi, Shigeichi Hirasawa,
Mo-PM-2-4.3On the Sphere Packing Error Exponent for Constant Subblock-Composition Codes
Anshoo Tandon, Mehul Motani,
Mo-PM-2-4.4Exact Analysis for Error Probability of Max-Log-MAP Decoding in Sequence Dependent Channels
Tadashi Tomizuka, Riku Iwanaga, Ikuo Oka, Shingo Ata,
Mo-PM-2-4.5Error Exponents of Joint Channel Coding and Intrinsic Randomness for Memoryless Channels
Tomohiko Uyematsu, Tetsunao Matsuta,