The 22nd Asia-Pacific Network Operations and Management Symposium

number title/author
PS1-1Enhanced Quality of Service Measurement Mechanism of Container-Based Cloud Network Architecture
Jhih-Dao Jhan, Yung-Chang Lai, Yong-Ling Chen, Fei-Hua Kuo,
PS1-10Lightweight Blockchain to Solve Forgery and Privacy Issues of Vehicle Image Data
Dongjun Na, Sejin Park,
PS1-11A Dynamic Selection Algorithm of Tor Relay Based on Client Bias
Yun Zhang, Yamei Xia,
PS1-12Design and Implementation of Automatic Generation Method for API Adapter Test Code
Sho Kanemaru, Yukitsugu Sasaki, Kensuke Takahashi, Tsuyoshi Toyoshima,
PS1-13Docker Container Networking Based Apache Storm and Flink Benchmark Test
Tao Liu, Zhihong Yang, Yuzhong Sun,
PS1-14Performance Analysis of Applying Deep Learning for Virtual Background of WebRTC-Based Video Conferencing System
Sangwoo Ryu, Kyungchan Ko, James Won-Ki Hong,
PS1-15A Survey on Public Blockchain-Based Networks: Structural Differences and Address Clustering Methods
Hye-Yeong Shin, Meryam Essaid, Sejin Park, Hongtaek Ju,
PS1-2NFV-Enabled Vertical Scalability for IoT Slices
Hafizhuddin Zul Fahmi, Fuchun Joseph Lin,
PS1-3New Multi-Access Network Transmission Technology to Enhance Edge Computing
Pang-Chen Liu, Huai-En Tseng, Shun-Kai Yang, Fei-Hua Kuo,
PS1-4A Road-Aware Approach for Hierarchical Routing in IoV Based on Intents and Q-Values
Asif Mehmood, Talha Ahmed Khan, Javier Jose Diaz Rivera, Afaq Muhammad, Wang-Cheol Song,
PS1-5Measurement-Based IoT Server Selection for Mobile Edge Computing
Nuntanut Bhooanusas, Sok-Ian Sou,
PS1-6Model-Based Anomaly Detection in Response Delay in Communication Through LTE Network
Kohei Yamamoto, Naoki Wakamiya, Ryo Nakano, Ryosuke Fujiwara,
PS1-7BRAS Syslog Pattern Generation Method: A Preliminary Experiment on Clustering Algorithms
Yun-Jie Li, Jhao-Yin Li,
PS1-8Relation Between Warning Error and Vehicle Speed in Vehicle-To-Pedestrian Warning System
Takahiro Suzuki, Kyoko Yamori, Cheng Zhang, Takumi Miyoshi, Yoshiaki Tanaka,
PS1-9Design and Analysis of a Real-Time Multicast Routing Algorithm in Inter-Blockchain Networks
Tzu-Lun Huang, Jason Huang,