The 20th Asia-Pacific Network Operations and Management Symposium

number title/author
P1-1A SDN Controller Enabled Architecture for the IMS
Zeqi Liu, Qichao Wang, Jae-Oh Lee,
P1-10Energy Efficient Resource Allocation in UAV-based Heterogeneous Networks
Aunas Manzoor, Do Hyeon Kim, Choong Seon Hong,
P1-11Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Waypoint Guidance with Energy Efficient Path Planning in Smart Factory
Sheikh Salman Hassan, Seok Won Kang, Choong Seon Hong,
P1-12Research On Routing Incentive Strategy Based On Virtual Credit In VANET
Xiaojuan Zhang, Xiangyu Bai,
P1-13Contents Delivery for Autonomous Driving Cars in Conjunction with Car Navigation System
Arata Koike, Yoshiko Sueda,
P1-14A V2X Task Offloading Method Considering Automobiles' Behavior in Urban Area
Hiroya Matsumoto, Osamu Mizuno,
P1-15A QoS-based Opportunistic Routing Mechanism in Social Internet of Vehicle
Yi Han, Yao Zhang, Huilin Liu, Hecun Yuan, Lanlan Rui, Ying Wang,
P1-16Ant-inspired Backoff-based Opportunistic Routing for Ad Hoc Networks
Taku Yamazaki, Shinnosuke Iwagami, Takumi Miyoshi,
P1-17Optimal Task-UAV-Edge Matching for Computation Offloading in UAV Assisted Mobile Edge Computing
Kitae Kim, Choong Seon Hong,
P1-18Mobility Support for Networks on Trains Using Commercial Off-the-shelf Routers
Sandy H. Hsiao, Hong-Rong Chang, Yu-Han Lu, Chi-Yu Li,
P1-19A Machine Learning Based Smart Irrigation System with LoRa P2P Networks
Yu chuan Chang, Ting-Wei Huang, Nen-Fu Huang,
P1-2Network Slice Selection Function for Data Plane Slicing in a Mobile Network
Javier Jose Diaz Rivera, Talha Ahmed Khan, Asif Mehmood, Wang-Cheol Song,
P1-20An Architecture for Managing IoT Device Object in Information Gateway
Qichao Wang, Zeqi Liu, Jae-Oh Lee,
P1-21Design of a Data Collection System with Data Compression for Small Manufacturers in Industrial IoT Environments
Chunju Tsai, Wen-Yueh Shih, Yi-Shu Lu, Jiun-Long Huang, Lo-Yao Yeh,
P1-22A practical approach with big data analysis for customer-driven network optimization
Chen-Yeu Yang, Gar-De Tsai, Der-Wen Perng,
P1-23Visualizing User Action Data to Discover Business Process
Yuki Urabe, Sayaka Yagi, Kimio Tsuchikawa, Takeshi Masuda,
P1-24A Low-cost Enterprise Application Integration Architecture for Large-scale Environment
Chi-Chang Huang, Chi-Yang Kuo, Jen-Hao Chen, Chao-Wen Huang,
P1-25A Case Study of Captive-Portal Detection for Web Authentication on Wired LAN in a Campus Network
Motoyuki OHMORI,
P1-26Fault Location Prediction Based on Customer Complaint Amount
Yan-Yih Wang, Chang-Ping Hsu, Chih-Meng Huang, Hao-Yu Kao,
P1-27RSP Consensus Algorithm for Blockchain
Dong-Hak Kim, Rehmat Ullah, Byung-Seo Kim,
P1-3Predicting malfunction of mobile network base station using machine learning approach
Yin-Hsin Liu, Yao-Chung Tuo, Chang-Yu Hsu, Hsin-Chieh Chao,
P1-4Effective Uplink Data Transmission Scheme for MTCDs in LTE-A Networks
Yen-Wen Chen, Chih Hong Chang,
P1-5Location-based Flooding Area Restriction for Mobile-assisted Ad Hoc Networks
Shota Ono, Taku Yamasaki, Takumi Miyoshi, Kaoru Sezaki,
P1-6Evaluation of the Zero Rating System for MVNO in the New Mobile Network Era
Ming Yang, Ping Du, Noriaki Kamiyama, Akihiro Nakao,
P1-7Evaluation of Assurance Closed Loop PoC for Achieving Scheduled Maintenance in Telecommunication Carrier Networks
Kosuke Sakata, Motomu Nakajima, Aiko Oi, Yuichi Suto, Yuji Soejima,
P1-8IPDAC: An Integrated IP Address Management Framework for Telecommunication Management Networks
Tse-Han Wang, Yen-Cheng Chen, Yu-Tang Huang, Chen-Min Hsu, Kai-Sheng Hsu, Chung-Hua Hu,
P1-9A Study on Utilization of Hybrid Blockchain for Energy Sharing in Micro-Grid
Jeong Min Jeon, Choong Seon Hong,