The 21st Asia-Pacific Conference on Communications

number title/author
16-PM2-B-1Differential Encoding of 16APSK for BICM-ID
Ruey-Yi Wei, Wen-Yao Hsu, James A. Ritcey,
16-PM2-B-2Undesired Signal Power Estimation Based on Estimated Superposed Band for Multicarrier Transmission
Yohei Shibata, Tomoaki Ohtsuki, Jun Mashino,
16-PM2-B-3PAPR Reduction in FBMC Systems Using Phase Realignment based Techniques
Robin Shrestha, Jong-Soo Seo,
16-PM2-B-4Design and Analysis of a Satellite-mount Array-fed Parabolic Antenna by Electromagnetic Computations
N. H. Abd Rahman, M. T. Ali, M. T. Islam, Y. Yamada,